Apple talking to BMW about new electric vehicle

It seems common knowledge throughout the investment arena that Apple is looking to introduce branded electric vehicles in the short to medium term. There have been suggestions for some time now that the company would eventually swallow Tesla with Elon Musk particularly close to the former management – although this does not appear to be […]


Is the Chinese EV market turning?

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, the Chinese authorities have been forced to rein in their initial forecasts for heavy electric vehicle use across the country. However, while it took Tesla sometime to negotiate a favourable settlement with the Chinese authorities it seems that new start-up companies are emerging in the Chinese electric vehicle sector.

Those who follow Elon Musk will be well aware that he is not against sharing this technology for the good of the electric vehicle market. When you bear in mind the hotbed of technological brains across China it does look as though he has managed to meet his perfect match?

Elon Musk sharing EV technology is smart. Because if someone is trying to do what you’ve already done than you are always one step ahead as long as you keep R&D moving.

I read also some rumors abut this, but I think that Tesle is more progressive than BMW, and more than three steps ahead than BMW company…