Apple poaches Tesla staff for new electric car

While Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk recently referred to Apple as “the Tesla graveyard” perhaps he did not expect his top British executive Chris Porritt to jump ship. This is the latest rumour from the electric vehicle industry where Apple has been working on its “secret electric car project” for some time now.

It looks as though the company is edging ever closer to releasing official data which will confirm perhaps the worst kept secret in the electric car market. We can only assume that poaching one of Tesla’s leading lights would not be cheap and therefore the company seems determined to crack the electric car market. Code-named “Project Titan” the Apple electric car is apparently under development in a lab in central Berlin as the rest of the world waits for an update.

[B]Will Apple help to push Tesla?[/B]

For many years there were rumours that Apple was looking to acquire Tesla to make full use of its enormous cash pile. This so-called friendly merger appears to be off the table and if Apple was to release its own electric car, as now seems inevitable, these two technology giant will be going at it hammer and tong.

Would the introduction of Apple push Tesla to greater heights, allow each company to balance off one another and leave the competition behind?

How will Tesla respond? Can’t imagine Elon Musk sitting back and letting Apple make all the running? Legal action?

Watch this space…