Brakes sticking when coasting

I noticed that the brakes will gently be applied when I coast down my drive way. If I release the hand brake and turn the vehicle off the car will coast to the end. When I turn the vehicle on it will apply the brakes and prevent it from coasting even though it is in forward mode. Is this normal and if not how can I fix this?

If only when car is turned on it’s plugging or regen.
Normal function to save on brakes.
It can be programmed out if you don’t like it.

Could they be sticking while driving? I notice a drag when letting off of the accelerator at higher speeds.

What do you mean by plugging/regen?

Electrical braking.
Plugging is the motor acting as a brake. Dumping energy as heat.
Regen feels the same but the motor is generating power. Charging batteries.