Regenerative Brake switch 2008

Is there Regenerative Brake switch on a 2008 e2?

Regen is in the programming of the control unit.

How do you know if you have it?

Let up on the throttle - if the cart slows down faster than free roll you have it. NOTE: It can be programmed from nothing to throw you foreward in your seat. For flat land running it’s a PITA and not worth having. If your in hilly country it can be a safety feature that doesn’t allow the car to run away going down hill.

So does it charge the battery when costing. I have had a couple of these before. The last one I put a golf cart rear end and 22hp engine. It was noisier than I wanted. So to get something that wouldn’t strand me I was thinking about having a gy6 scooter engine on back that just came on when battery was low but could help charge so I would have a backup system. That way wouldn’t have all the weight of golf cart rear so I would have backup.

Yes it does but only about as much as a pimple on an ants behind.

Standard black ant… Or, Florida fire ant?

Florida Fire:)

omg! Lol. B.