Brake light on dash stays lit up

Just got finished installing batterys. (Thanks rodney for your help) put it together to test. Seems to run fine in high low and rev. But the brake light stays on ? Any ideas on that. Thanks

Brake light switch needs adjustment. It’s on the brake pedal arm under the dash.

Not tail lights but the brake light on the dash stays on. Car runs fine and no error codes

I don’t think there is a brake light “light” on the dash? There is a Parking Brake “light” on the dash, that would be what @Reddevil is referring to.

Yeah. But it stays on. Could it be low level on fluid ? Buzzer goes on if youre stopped without handbrake on. Pull it up and buzzer stops. But light still is on

Also i think the brake “lights” on rear work off a pressure switch on master cylinder

if you have 2005 and newer display look for fluid level

Yes that was it. Fluid was low

To the best of my knowledge there is a mechanical brake light switch under the dashboard that operates the brake lights in the rear of the vehicle. It is adjustable if the brake lights ever stay on. The pressure switch is just like a car. It’s purpose is to warn you of a malfunction in the hydraulic system. If the fluid is low in the master cylinder you might want to look around a little to see where the fluid is going. The most common problem would be a leaky wheel cylinder.

it has low level warning light but the "tail " brake lights work off another pressure switch that’s on master cly also

They may have changed it at some point. I am certainly no expert on Gem vehicles but my 2002 has a mechanical brake light switch that operates the rear brake lights. It is located under the dashboard above the brake pedal just like older cars. I also have a switch on the hydraulic system. I’m pretty sure this is a warning device if there is a hydraulic problem. Low fluid or loss of pressure.

Sorry. My mistake. I guess I was confusing the Gem with one of my other vehicles. My 2002 Gem does not have a hydraulic switch on the master cylinder. It does however have another mechanical switch under the dash that activates if the pedal sinks too low.