BMS Weather-proof Enclosure Recommendations

Does anyone have any enclosure recommendations for either the JK or ANT BMS-es? Can you post links?

Not a huge issue here in SoCal but it would be nice to have them protected from road grime and/or moisture from getting washed etc.


Ziploc Gallon Food Storage Bags, Grip 'n Seal Technology for Easier Grip, Open, and Close, 75 Count, Pack of 2 (150 Total Bags)

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Need to measure the JK’s but I was thinking something like this, cut a hole is each end for the B+ and B- and one in the side for the cell leads, then silicone up the holes.

6.5 x 4


I used these for the Orion BMS in the Voltronix Lithium Ion battery kit upgrade I developed:

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I have seen these in action on a few @MikeKC AC builds. They work great. Would like to talk with @mikekc on the phone about some ideas I have for these. Call a brother.

Unless your area is different than mine, I do not recommend a sealed enclosure.
Changes in temperature and humidity here will suck moisture into the box. I have not had issues using a “roof” rather than a box.

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Fill the box with Rice

Ok this comment should come from @JarJarJava not me :rofl:

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Cut the corner off a ziplock bag, slip the bms inside, tape the corner closed with mounting tape
The tape is thick & soft & will conform to the wires
Air tight, I seal my Ipod like this & use ear plug head phones & swim with the rig
The failure is the ziplok tears from opening to charge