Best practices RE: Battery charging

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on “Best Practices” for charging a GEM using FLA batteries.

I drive 3.5mi to work and charge it there. Occasional trips around town during the day and then home at night and charge it there. Essentially when I’m near a plug, it’s plugged in. I’m wondering if frequent charging after minimal usage would cause any long-term issues w/ battery life.

I’ve replaced the charger w/ a Quick Charge Corp OB7210 programmed for FLA. It has a “maintenance charge” capability.


UPDATE: I called Quick Charge Corp and they suggested I was overcharging the batteries and recommended NOT charging them until they got a bit lower.


What has been your experience w/ “Battery Equalizer”? SUPPOSEDLY it helps prevent sulfation and over-gassing. The cost at is $20 x 2 bottles to treat 6 batteries. I imagine an auto parts store would have something similar as well. Seems almost like “snake oil”. <VBG>