Best 12V Grounding Location

Looking for the best location to use as a negative 12v grounding point. We are wanting to add some 12v accessories, I thought I read that the frame is floating or grounded to -72?

Frame is 12 volt ground on GEM carts.


My reading of the schematic suggest the 12 vdc system is common-ed up at point/level G1 … which according to others is a point on the frame. Most wires are black #16 and show lugs. Physically that point appears to be near the PSDM .

The 72 volt system appears to be floating electrically away from the frame, but there is a reference to 72 volt ground in addition to -72 volts. ???

Quit raining long enough to walk out to my shop and confirm: There is what appears to be a section of the frame behind the PSDM that is used as a grounding point - multiple black wires from accessories are screwed to the frame at several points. I would connect somewhere close. The aluminum frame is a fair conductor - but given we are operating at 12 vdc I would use copper wire for as much of the circuit loop as possible…

The “72 volt ground” reference appears to be how the -72 terminal on the charger is labeled and does not reference a common frame grounding point.

Model is 2008 eS.

Thanks for all the info, Ours is a 2002 but I will take a look around that area and see what else is grounded there. I imagine I can follow the headlight or something to find a factory ground worse case, just have not taken the time to do so.

No problem. I just happened to have my dash panel off. I’m converting to Lithium batteries and adding instrumentation to monitor battery performance.

The 72 volt system is NOT grounded to the frame. All returns are hard wired.