Bearcat EV kit or Kaylor Kit legit?

Anyone heard of or bought from Bearcat EV?

They seem to have the Kaylor Kit setup. I am interested in this setup and just wonder if its valid, or does anyone know of a Kaylor Kit seller?

Thanks for any information,


No experience, but i think a more modern controller would be easier to drive. With the control setup, you have 8 speeds. I don’t think i could drive in traffic with just 8 speeds.

At cloud EV, you can get a similar kit with a modern controller for less. But you have to purchase the adapter plate separate

If you go with a 72 volt system, the best charger is at Northern tools, and about half price of any charger sold by the EV companies-

I guessing you can run two of these chargers if you have more than 72 volts, the voltage is adjustable from 12-72 from looking at the picture.

So if you sourced the motor and controller from Cloud, the adapter from cloud is about 500 and the charger from northern, you will have everything but batteries for about $2700 and have a modern, PWM, programmable controller.