Beacon /Warning lights

In the state of Georgia. LSV’s are required to have a caution light. Does anybody have a car that has these lights and how do you connect them. I assume it can be that hard.


There is a guy on e-bay who sells used parts. He has amber light bars every so often. These are GEM option light bars so they will fit and connect easily.

Chuck… I think you are looking at somethig that is not for LSVs… read this Georgia Code: Low Speed Vehicles | Georgia Department of Public Safety

Chuck is correct about the amber flasher in the state of Georgia. LSVs in Georgia can be operated on roadways with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less and requires the operator of LSVs on highways to display an amber strobe light so as to warn approaching travelers to decrease their speed because of the danger of colliding with such vehicle. Such amber strobe light shall be mounted in a manner so as to be visible under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of 500 feet from the front and rear of such vehicle.

I don’t see where you need and becon… Georgia Changes LSV Regulations | Moto Electric Vehicles Blog

Governor Roy Barnes (D) signed HB1389 into law on April 25, 2002. Unless something changed he’ll need one. Heck, Texas makes you hang a slow moving vehicle triangle on them.

EDIT: His link that he posted was incorrect but he was on the right track.

[QUOTE=eS GEM Colo;13980]I don’t see where you need and becon… Georgia Changes LSV Regulations | Moto Electric Vehicles Blog[/QUOTE]
Your link is for PSVs which cannot go over 20mph. In Georgia LSVs must travel between 20 - 25 mph.

my thought is for Chuck to ask the DMV… he’ll need to register it or ask his insurance carrier that person would know the law as well… I found a dealer… Chuck should call them and ask… in my opinion don’t add something like a becon
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Ok, Let me do some research but other GEM cars on the island has the amber beacon light.

Regulations by state.

Registation of Low Speed Vehicles by state… Alabama to Wyoming…

Lets just assume I need a flashing amber beacon light. Is there a 12v switched circuit I can tap into when the ignition key is on to turn on the disco strobe light :slight_smile:



‘disco stobe light’… love the name… everything should go thru the fuse box… think we have added all external things drawing from the head lights as that seems to be an easier hot wire to find… my car is an '05… I have seen the fuse box from the cabin side and have had the dash apart more than I like but haven’t really seen the back of the fuse box… I have a mechanic… am old and cut or bruise easy…

in looking at the link… Alabama to Washington… the last line in Colo… ‘the state has a special plate’… the nice lady at the DMV who wanted me to get an emissions test to register my car also asked if I wanted an NEV plate… I jumped at it… after talking to another lady she returned saying ‘the plate was no longer available due to a lack of interest’ …

I have tried to register the car but I need to send 2 dollars for the beacon light permit. I dont see how this should delay you in registering a car. If your headlights dont work on a normal car, they will still let you register it. Anyway, i got the amber light waiting for a permit.


Chuck it’s a government plot… they know how much fun you are going to have in your car and want to with hold that as long as they can… hang in there


[QUOTE=eS GEM Colo;14344]Chuck it’s a government plot… they know how much fun you are going to have in your car and want to with hold that as long as they can… hang in there


Sounds like a Sandy Hook Conspiracy to me. I need to go back In April now to register it in the county where my 2nd home is. I waited 75 minutes in line saying I needed to get the permit first. So much for common sense


the DMV office here wanted me to get an emissions… I said it’s electric… no emission emiting engine

Ok, For Y’all out in Georgia

Does this mean I can register it without the permit? Who knows in Georgia :slight_smile:

Make a copy of your payment (money order, cashier check, or company check ONLY)
and your application and this will act as your temporary permit. Place copies of
both in your vehicle until you receive your permit. It will take two weeks to
receive your permits.


We sent a 2 dollar money order to the department of public safety just as the address states from the official dmv form that was handed to us by DMV themselves

After a month, We went back to the island where the gem is located ( 300 miles 1 way) and we had a returned envelope. the address was incorrect. You would figure if the addressed would of changed, they would of forwardEd the mail to the addreSs but no, it was returned. Going to try again in 2 weeks.GOVERNMENT SUCKS

oh man… I have an old Nevada trailer plate I’ll send you… put it on the car and drive it like you stole it

Government bureaucracies don’t have to make sense - they just exist. Deal with it…

As to where to power your beacon light from - the DC converter outputs 12 volts on 2 or more spade terminals when the key is on and for several seconds after turning the key off. If you install the light direct to the DC converter, install a fuse in the positive wire feeding the beacon light - probably a 1 or 2 amp fuse. You may also tap into the accessory wires under the dash. There’s both a positive and negative wire with 2 spade sockets on each wire. It’s powered off the accessory fuse under the hood.

I suggest snaking the wires through the left roof-frame and mounting the beacon right above the driver’s head. The frames are hollow aluminum and, with a little creativity, you should be able to get the power wires down behind the seat or in front of the dash to reach the power. The frame is ground for the 12 volt system.