on i have a 2009 GEmM and the battery that came in it was the EV31 flooded battery… so one of my abtterys went bad and i have found one that might be close … cant replace all of them right now and the rest of them tested all at 90% or better… ok the battery that came in it has the markings of
EV 31
MINS @ 25 AMPS 210

the battery that i found has the markings of

555 CCA @ 0F
690 MCA @ 32F
185 RC

are these two any where close

What is the group number of the battery you are looking at? If you are replacing anything less than the entire pack you will need to get the same group number.

Its also a 31 …im just not sure what all the numbers are. …I k ow it will work but was sure wondering if they were close

Got a link to the battery in question?

I will try and find one and post it

Super Start® Marine 31DCM - Deep Cycle Battery | O’Reilly Auto Parts

see if this will get you to it … if not here a re the specs …

Super Start® Marine - Deep Cycle Battery
Part Number: 31DCM
Line: SSB
1 year limited warranty
•UPC: 83996011076
•12 Volt
•Cold Cranking Amps: 555
•Cranking Amps: 690
•Reserve Capacity: 210 Minutes
Detailed Description

20 Amp Hour Rate (Ah): 105Ah
Battery Type: Deep Cycle
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 555 CCA
Cranking Amps (CA): 690 CA
Group Size (BCI): 31
Height (In): 9-1/2 Inch
Length (In): 13 Inch
Marine Cranking Amps (CA): 690 CA
Reserve Capacity (Min): 210 Minute
Reserve Capacity At 23 Amps (min): 225 Minute
Reserve Capacity At 25 Amps (Min): 185 Minute
Voltage (V): 12 Volt
Width (In): 6-3/4 Inch

Manufacturer Information
Starting Power, Starting Performance, Starting Reliability. Count on Super Start Batteries to start your car, truck or boat time and time again.

Super Start offers proven technology, improved starting reliability, and extended service life to provide unmatched performance for today’s vehicles. And, with a nationwide warranty (up to 60 months depending on product type) and free replacement (up to 3 years depending on product type), you can rest assured that your Super Start battery will keep you on the road.

i also found this battery… it is also a flooded battery this looks alot better than the stock battery…it is also a 31


LENGTH: 13-1/8" (333 mm)

WIDTH: 7-1/16" (179 mm)

HEIGHT: 11-3/8" (289 mm)


12 Volts

Amp Hours (20 Hr Rate): 155

Minutes @ 75 Amps: 77 Mins.

Minutes @ 25 Amps: 292 Mins.

i can get this battery for just under 200.00

Sam’s has a standard GC12V bat. for 184.00 150 AH. that will fit. (same as Deka) It’s about the most powerful battery for it’s size. It’s a bruiser weighs 90#.

CG batts are the best choice. $184 is a decent price.

[QUOTE=chuckkent;14213]Sam’s has a standard GC12V bat. for 184.00 150 AH. that will fit. (same as Deka) It’s about the most powerful battery for it’s size. It’s a bruiser weighs 90#.[/QUOTE]

But is it a flooded or a AGM battery?

Of course it looks like that battery is not available in Arkansas…WTF!!!

Flooded cells. Get them to order from another store for free… They are 75 amps for 77 minutes. I like the flooded cells cause you can top them up and check the SG. to trouble shoot if need be. They will credit the $15 core charge for any auto battery trade in. And give you same as cash for six months on the SAMs card. What a deal!!! ha…

Because of the way series-connected batteries charge and discharge you must replace a failed battery with one of the exact amp-hour capacity and construction as the others in the series string. If, for example, you were to replace a 105 amp-hour group 30H battery with a 115 amp-hour group-31 deep cycle you would constantly be undercharging the new battery. If you put a group-27 battery in there you would overcharge it and it would be dead before the others during discharge.

Rule of thumb is to always put in an identical replacement battery unless you’re replacing the whole string at once.

Bob in MA - '02 GEM eL with Exide Nautilus Deep-Cycle flooded cells

Not to be redundant…but Bob is exactly correct. Same exact size is crucial when replacing less than the whole string!!!