Battery Question

I bought a used E 825 and am having some issues with it.

Battery life seem low so I drove is for a bit and the gauge read 30%. So I put a voltmeter on all the batteries and all were around 12.2 but one of them was at 11.06 V.

I am assuming that battery is causing the issue. I think I read somewhere that all batteries should be the same age.

If I replace just one battery will that cause an issue?


How old are the batterys.
In an attempt to save your battery Pack
To try and keep all the battery’s the same age you can try and charge and discharge that battery by itself and see if your able to re-store that Battery however it’s UN likely that simply recharging will re set the low battery. The easy slolution would be to replace the bad battery. See if there is a local company that does battery restoration.
A local company in my hood that has a computer regulated battery de-sufication process that they say restores bad or week battery’s see if you can find a company or service like that in your Aera. Check Craig’s list

The Batteries are a little over 4 years old.

The weak battery will accept a charge it just seems to discharge quite quickly.

In my opinion if the batteries are four years old and you’re just getting them you have no idea how they have been treated Air for I would assume they’ve been abused and when I say abused I mean discharge being low common except the bull discharge rates 30% and lower, I advice would be to either purchase a new pack or start saving up for one A set of six Trojan 31 batteries are going for around $1200 out here in California. In my opinion once you replace the defective battery another battery will take it’s place in the defective lineup.

I agree w/ Gwest. I replaced one battery in my string because it was “blown” and within a few weeks, another battery was dying. The string is only as good as it’s weakest link. IN the end, I replaced the entire string w/ six “identical” Trojan’s and haven’t looked back.

Its best to replace all the batteries as a set. One bad one drains the others.