Battery level indicator always showing full charge?

My battery level indicator is always showing full charge. Any ideas how to fix this?
The rest of the cluster seems to be working fine.

The battery indicators on the Think’s aren’t the most accurate. Have you had the battery pack voltage below 72 volts? If it shows 5 bars when the pack is dead, it’s time to send your instrument cluster to Bob the Cluster Guy in Florida if you want it to work.

I recently acquired the vehicle, and according to the previous owner, the cluster was just redone by Bob. I drove the vehicle until it went into limp mode so I presume the batteries must have dropped below 72v then?

Contact Bob, he gives a one-year warranty. He put a sticker on the back with the repair date.

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How would I know if my cluster is bad? Whenever I turn on the car, I hear click under the seat, then when I press on the accelerator it moves forward about 2" and then stops. Does this if in Reverse or Drive. Any ideas?

Check for codes. Any warning lights? What’s the battery pack total voltage when it shuts off?