Battery goes down

plug in the charger over nite ( red then later goes yellow, then later green light) unplug in the morning . key on it shows 85 Percent! key off plug in charger about 15/20 minutes unplug key on 100.!!!

why do lose 15 percent ???

2003 E825

New Port Richey fl

Your 2003 should have the Zivan NG1 charger. Does the light ever blink while charging? If not, the charger software likely has not been updated. Look for a label on the charger saying “micro upgraded.” If not, the upgrade should be done. Electric Conversions, the Zivan representative in the US can do this at a reasonable cost.
Check your batteries carefully. Other posts on this forum will give you the correct procedure. It is not uncommon for that battery charge indicator to display unusual results.


the charger has updated label on it


it never blimks red red then yellow tne green
it has a updated sticker on it

does one has disconent the each batttery us a battery load tester??

It is not necessary to disconnect each battery in order to load test. Just open the master switch.