Backup beeper on a 2008 Gem e4 needs disconnected

I want to disconnect the back up beeper on my 2008 Gem e4. I’ve read some of the post and none seem to be for my car. My controller #10 pin is white not blue or light green. I still cut it to check and it still beeps.The beeper on the left side of the dash is not making any noise so I know that’s not it. The beeper seems to be built into the module under the dash. Any ideas. This thing is driving me nuts…

there is no white cable on controller
maybe you cut wrong cable ? there is white cable on dc/dc converter dont cut that

I’ll double check and send a photo of what I cut. The wire I cut runs from the controller through the dash to a module. In that module is where the sound is coming from

hi look for blue/green cable on pin 10

Thanks. I have to get a friend over to distinguish the wire color. i’ll let you know.

Thanks for your help. I cut the wire and bo more back alarm. So frustrating when it would come on, especially in the earlier mornings. I really appreciate this forum and the people who give out good information…
Now if I could just figure out why my tool light , turtle light and forward/reverse indicators are blinking after I changed 2 batteries… It didn’t come on the lat time I changed 2 batteries…

Gents, Could not agree more, that back up beeping is so annoying. I have an 06 E4, can you pls let me know what wire I would cut for my model year. Appreciate the advice and Merry Christmas.

As posted above, should be pin 10 on your controller.