GEM 2008 Backup Beeper

I’d like to disable the backup beeper on my 2008 GEM E2. Anybody know how to do that?

Lift the seat turn the main switch off. Take off the dash cover and you will see a sonalert(black plastic speaker looking thing) next to the contactor. It has two wires going to it. Just pull one of the spade lug wires off…

I don’t think the 2008 works the same. Atleast I don’t see the sonalert there.

As a last resort turn the main switch and key on and switch to reverse. You should now hear it to locate…


its easy,just cut the DB/LG darkblue light green cable on controller
its on pin 10,"reverse buzzer driver"
cut a bit away and you can connect again if you want
i have done it on 3 cars now :wink:

if you need backup summer you have a cable under your seat
darkblue with yellow
and you can put a summer at back of car or a backlight if you want

One person suggested putting duct tape over the beeper to mute it.

I like that idea. If someone unfamiliar with the car drives it, the beeper can be a nice feature.

How difficult is it to remove the dash cover?

Open the hood and remove the 2 attaching screws. Then lift the dash off’ It has a lot of Velcro holding it in place

That seems to fit with diagram…

ok… the non-electrician here… can I tie into that for a back up light that would come on when I put the car in reverse?


If someone has a more legible wiring diagram, I would draw it up.

This relay comes from reverse switch in other drawing.

Did you ever come up with a solution…
I have a 2008 e6, and I can’t find the beeper…

I have a 2008 eS - beeper is on the left side of the steering column - mounted to the fire wall…

The alarm is also used for parking brake warning and possibly others. :slight_smile:

Now if I could just figure out how to post dwg?

All else fails - read the directions!