Back up light?

An led bulb was brought in for repair. Cheap ones are often repairable.
This one was weather proof, potted, and not repairable.

Neat light though. Leds are still good.
13 watt flood.

Menards bulb. If you have a bad one, don’t throw it out. Recycle it easily on 72vdc.
I’ll show you how!

Too lazy to actually install it, but a good idea non-the-less?:wink:

Or convert to 12vdc for $5.:clap2::clap2:

10W 20W 30W 50W Constant Current LED Driver DC12V to DC30 38V for LED Light A43 | eBay

Easier and better than I hoped…
Got in the 12v driver today.
13W water tight led light. Very bright!

Pick up the light at menards and 12v converter from Ebay.