Automatic door locks delaying in locking - looking for a locksmtih

i have my ford focus 2005 and i’m using it form a long time but from few days ago i’m having problem with the automatic locks actually they takes very long time to lock and themselves , there is delaying in locking. i needs the help of a good quality locksmith is there any locksmith who would fix this issue?

I would be inclined to say you need a Ford tech vs a locksmith. We need a better description of the problem. Can hear the lock struggling to lock. Do you push the button and then wait till it locks, or do you have to press the button multiple times?

I’m not an expert but I agree with LuvMyTJ that Ford should probably be your first port of call. If it is a general problem then you may well be able to get a third party involved but there is potential to do more damage if it is a technical issue which only Ford can help with.