Ford Think Drive Selector Switch/Keyswitch

Hey all - So I picked up a free Ford Think about a week ago. It actually looks to be pretty complete (with a few exceptions), and I am charging the batteries now. The first exception is that it has no keys… Looks like I can pick up a new drive selector switch for about $105 on ebay, but before spending the dough on a vehicle that I am unsure of, I wanted to see if anyone has found a cheaper aftermarket option for a new keyswitch? I thought I saw some reference to a NAPA solution, but couldnt find any details.


The real problem I see is that is a special 4 position switch. Rev-Off-Turf-Drive

That is not going to be an easy NAPA solution.
If you were going to keep it stock I would suggest removing your assembly and sourcing out your local locksmith. Some of those guys have talent and special tricks that will make you a new key. It would also be cheaper than $105. (This implies that your key switch is ok and working)

Yep - sound right. I was thinking of finding a 3 position toggle switch for the D/T/R and then just use a standard golf cart key switch to deliver 12v to it. I will see if I can find a talented locksmith first, and that way I get to keep the glove box and hood locks.

Be aware that even that 3 position toggle switch is sometimes a hard find. Most are center off.