Audi is an unreliable car .Is this right?

My friends told me about this car that it is unreliable .Is it right?
I wanted to purchase a 2006 A4 but the majority I have talked to including on here have said that Audi is an unreliable make. Obviously it depends on the car itself, but I don’t want a car that will keep breaking down. Especially one that is expensive to repair.:):juggle:

Is there anybody knows about the topic about which I have asked?

they are fairly reliable. if you have an issue under warranty, then it should be covered, and if you have a LOT of issues, check with your local laws to see about “Lemon Law”. I’ve worked on a few in the past and driven many of them. They are great cars, but yes the parts are a bit expensive.

No complaints here driving them … neither have I heard from real problems from any of my friends

No complaints here driving them

Most Audis I have seen typically are not too reliable and repairs are fairly costly. Audis are fun cars to drive when equipped with quattro though!

I don’t think that your friend is normal because Audi cars are completely reliable cars. Because they are luxurious and good in performance. But one thing is right that the repair cost and parts are little expensive then other normal priced cars.

one of my friends has the Audi A4 2008, seems that he likes it so much and it is a great car. if you are afraid it is expensive to repair. jus take good care of it

In general I have not heard an awful lot of negative comment about Audis although perhaps the suggestion that repairs and spare parts are “expensive” is something you should bear in mind. The cost of spare parts and repairs for different vehicles can vary enormously from country to country and seems to depend upon the availability of the parts themselves.

No complaints from my side. Great car and since they have the new designer (former Lamborghini) great designs too

In my experience, Audi’s are quite reliable for a luxury european brand, I’ve heard that they are on par with Mercedes in terms of reliability, and far better than BMWs.

I personally think that they’re equally as reliable as the Lexus models, but the parts will cost you more.

When compared to Mercedes they are Rock Solid.