Anyone want to gamble on super cheap shocks?

After dumping 400 lbs in battery weight and removing my charger I think my gem is sitting at 900lbs.

Here are some cheap shocks from Northern tool rated at about 500 lbs each.

Think these would fit a 2001 e825? Even with Trojan wet cells the ride sucks.

I have a 2000 e825. For $10 per shock might be worth a try. The eye hole is perfect.

I just read comments and found this: Load specs in description inaccurate, put 300lbs on shocks and bottomed them out on the max setting. Other than that the description is accurate.

That could be an issue without downsizing to lithium. Although it could also just be the QC of manufacturing.

Price is definitely attractive.

Use two or three at that price.

I just ordered these shocks. I’ll let everyone know if its a success or complete fail.

Keep in mind my cart is very light, with lithium packs…

Ryan did you ever get the shocks installed

Not yet, should arrive in a week or two. I’ll report back when they arrive.

Tried to install these shocks. Too much sag, I think because they are 1 inch too short. I may fool around with them more.

Something here probably would work perfectly. If I could only try to test fit some.

Some of thoes shocks look just like the ones “Nev Acessories” sells.

It would be interesting to try out a few of the diffrent shock spring rates

Maybe the light duty ones will work in a car with no motor!:sweat_smile: