Any value in parting out an 02 e4?

I’ve got a junk 02 e4 sitting in my driveway that my brother was hoping I’d get running for him but I don’t have the time/ambition to do it…and I honestly don’t think it’s worth putting money into. It’s got a smashed windshield, hood and rear fender, junk seats and and error code that indicating a controller error (I think). Oh and locked up brakes and no title. Is there any value in parts or should I send it down the road for $3-400?

There seem to be about a dozen new 00 - 02’ members on the forum with a slew of issues. I bet you can part it out easily.
If it has the new DC/DC converter and harness in it that is worth 300 -400 alone.

Yes. There is value in parting it out. Certainly more than what it is worth based on your description.

The frame alone is worth about $0.45/lb for clean extruded aluminum currently.

Or you can always shoot it. Then burn it, crush it with a bulldozer and shoot the pieces into a decaying orbit around the sun

:thinking: I knew that was coming. You might be on to something, part it out, shoot it, blow it up and then scrap the aluminum fragments. Sounds like a good idea.

I kind of seriously want to rig one up with remote control and take it out to the desert so a bunch of us can shoot it. I have a friend who has a blasting license too, so all we need is a bulldozer and a rocket

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