Any thoughts on this?

I recently took a gamble on this company and I would like to know anybody’s comments as to the viability of the technology. I know the Russian scientist and he has been quite successful in the past. Any way here you go.

DC Motion Control (DCMC), DC Motion Control a privately held British Columbia company has developed the concept of electric traction drive with a modular Recoverable Energy Storage and Control system (REST)

The REST technology was developed to solve the persistent problem of power loss and energy efficiency of Electric vehicles, while providing an inexpensive, economically and environmentally beneficial power transfer system.

Through the regenerative braking process, the REST’s control system can recover and store up to 89% of previously lost kinetic energy, and then when redistributed increases the driving range of any electric vehicle by up to 75% over today’s competitors.

The REST system integrates a proved patented “Method and Algorithm of Adaptive Vector Control” (AVC) software that in REAL TIME monitors and controls the energy uptake from each re-generation cycle and determines when the kinetic energy can be recovered. The AVC is also fully integrated with other fully proven technologies that include an electro-mechanical flywheel storage device, a DSP based controller and an inverter-motor drive system to provide the energy savings.

When Kinetic energy is recovered the power train converts it into mechanical energy and then the Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor converts it into electrical energy. In other words the Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor works as a generator during a vehicles deceleration and this energy is then sent to the electro-mechanical flywheel where it is stored.

The AVC then acts as a sophisticated REAL TIME control center that directs just the amount of energy from the electro-mechanical flywheel to the battery for lights heat etc or sent directly into the drive system. Any additional energy is kept in the flywheel for further usage requirements.

AVC allows for the re-charging of the battery even after the engine is turned off or until either the battery is completely full or the flywheel is finally depleted of energy. At start up, any remaining energy in the flywheel will be used first, prior to any required energy draw from the battery.