Another shock mod…

My car was riding like a dump truck and the front shocks were constantly bottoming out so it was time for a new project. Having a almost new set of leftover shocks from my 2000 front end after swapped it to a 2014 I decided to cut the mount tabs off at the yellow line (in first pic) and fabricate new bolt on ones to accommodate the longer 99-05 shocks. The same shock angle was maintained however the eye to eye distance was increased to 12.5” (this is what it is in 99-05 cars). With this project completed the front end has almost 2” more of travel and rides great. It does not matter if there is one or four people on board she handles great and floats like a 72 deuce and a quarter.


I like your idea.
i also have a set of lightly used 99-04 replacement shocks on the shelf.
Maybe by this time next year I’ll have gotten around to partially installing them. heh.

What setting did you end up setting the spring rate adjuster to?

I left them on the first click with no adjustment. If you weigh the car with all wheels on scales the front corners weigh 388lbs. So a 400lb shock would compress 1 inch