AGM acid glass matt batteries for GEM cars

Has anyone used AGM acid glass matt batteries (from Trogan or Deka0 in a GEM? I have heard they do not need maintenance and last longer than GEl cells. Can anyone confirm this?

I can’t confirm it, but I can say that I personally received 5 yrs on my GEM GEL batteries from Deka, and a friend of mine got 6 yrs. Most other people I speak to have gotten 4 yrs. So I would say pretty good thus far! Besides, AGM’s require a different style of charge that isnt supported by the charger probably in your car. Good Luck!

AGM batteries are compatible with the Deka charger if you change tie algorithm thats compatible with flooded batteries. AGM’s has a higher rate of charge than gels so the algorithm 14 will only charge the AGM’S TO 80% and is insufficient. Change the algorithm and you are in business.