Adjusting Rear camber on a 2016# Gem

So the other day I noticed my Rear Tires have been wearing UN even on the inside edge. To the naked eye it looks like the tires are sitting straight up & down and everything is fine. Just wondering if the rear camber is adjustable.

Now with that said! I must admit some “Dumb Assary” on my part. My car has been so trouble free that All I do is drive and charge it. I wash and love it BUT have I checked the Tire pressure in forever NOPE! Well when I first noticed the wear I was like O well. Those wheels & tires have been transplanted on almost every gem I have had starting back to my Grabber Blue 2002 cart. They have a ton of Miles on them and I figured along the way they wore down and perhaps the lion share of the wear came when they were mounted on the front of my 2002, and those car’s are pretty hard on tires on the inside edge cause negative camber is hard to control on early cars. So when I saw the tires on the inside edge wore down next to nothing I figured Humm I bet my other cars wore them down, I have gotten thousands of miles out of them O’well!

So here is where I admit I’m a dummy. I decided to check the tire pressure. My tires side wall is so small that you can’t tell from looking if the tire is Flat or Full. WHELL when I put the tire gauge on my tires one of them was at 9psi!!!
Holly crap. The next on 11 psi and So On! Omg how did I let this happen!! I’m a ■■■■■. O well
So we got them all pumped up and all is well.
Now I’m thinking that the inside wear is from running them almost flat for Months and not a rear alignment issue. But b4 I got new Tires I wanted to ask about ability to adjust “alignment”

Sorry for the long story just felt I needed to come clean! LOL

Yes those late model Gem’s do that, they are not very well made.( not to mention ugly).


Fill in the words here…

Grant- next time out there snap a few pics of your rear suspension, trailing arms, how they attach to your frame.

Are you running stock height? Or did you lower it a bit?

The ride height is Stock. If anything it’s jacked up a bit from the weight reduction from Lead to Lithium!

Camber is fixed. the only rational way to adjust is with shims. Polaris is against this procedure.


Have a 2018 e2 and the left rear tire had the same wear. Inside the tread was almost gone. Dealer said Polaris was aware of the problem but didn’t mention a cure.
Anyway they put a brand new tire on for free and still haven’t mentioned what they are going to do about the problem!

Maybe you put on a couple pounds over the holidays and the car is riding lower now??? LOL
Hope you had a great holiday Grant.

Well Thank LG & Mike KC for your Helpfull input LOL :slight_smile:

Interesting to hear that Polaris knows about possible camber Issues, I have my fingers crossed that my camber issues are all self inflicted. Sue to me being a dummy and running them with 10ths of air in them.

The up side is I’m thinking about using this as a opportunity to UP size my tires from 195/40/17 to 205/50/17 the added height from the taller tires I hope would give me a 5mph boost! “ Fingers crossed”