Adjusting Camber



Thanks to Rodney: his advice "add 2 washers to the topside of the Hub.

The screw driver is pointing to the 2 washers I added.
here is a pulled back photo of the hub.

Thanks Rodney for the quick and simple tip. The pics don’t accurately show how much the 2 washers stood the tire straight up. I wished I would have taken a photo of the Camber on both wheels b4 I stared

Recheck you toe.

You can also get alignment shims that are slotted so you do not have to take the hub off, simply slack off the bolts and slip them in, tighten and recheck with a square.


The alignment shims would be a great Idea to gauge thickness, but I would feel more comfortable with a full circle washer or shim. When I look real long and hard at my Camber I think I can or could get away with 1 more small washer.

Tapered washers. Forgot what they were for.

Dave where did you get thoes???

Can’t remember. Try searching square tapered washers or steel shims.
May have been samples from my brother.
It’ll come to me…