Adding Tesla Modules

I’m considering adding 4 used Tesla battery modules (21.2 KWH’s) to an existing 2012 or 2013 Leaf or Focus to increase range. Any huge obstacles (technically or financially) to this kind of modification?



The battery pack,electronic programming, monitoring, controls and charging algorithms are designed as a package, These vehicles are not Golf Carts. They are much more sophisticated. I believe the battery cooling system for the leaf might not be compatible as well.

When you can get the 2014 upgrade for eligible early Leafs for $250, it would seem that it would be the way to go.

If you need more range than you have you might consider a HiBrid shuch as a Volt or Prius.

If you decide to try it Please keep us informed of your progress.


2014 upgrade? Is that the 30kwh battery pack?

Its the better upgrade for the units that qualify under the warrenty program. Got this info from a local Leaf owner. I have no idea what the capacity is.