Adding 7th lead battery to gem

Looking to add a 7th battery to my 02 gem 4 lead setup. Have inwo spoof installed. Looking for some guidance on how you did it and how much speed increase is realistic.

I’m still waiting for any report.
I don’t know if @Old_Houseboater ever got it done.

3 months experience. The car LOVES 84 volts.

21" diameter tires 8.9 gearbox RFF Black motor (breathed on by me) INWO Spoof

42 MPH 20 mile range at 30 MPH

Cruise at 35 MPH From 38 to 42 MPH it eats range.

Spins tires DANGEROUS!!! in rain. with the tires I have on it,

This is a CHEAP upgrade and doesn’t affect ride. My extra battery is in the trunk. I charge 6 batterys with the Zivan and the extra with a 12 volt charger.

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Thanks for the info, I was actually kind of wondering / thinking about how a stock '02 might behave with an extra battery and how many things needed to be changed.

Any issues with the DC / DC converter at 84 VDC input?

Same here. My car is stock except for inwo spoof to raise speed limit. Stock motor

Not so far.

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Thanks Rodney. I found the other thread, I have a question about something you wrote, I’ll ask it there.

Hey. I added the 7th battery and ran the leads to the on off switch. 7th battery negative to the positive wire from battery 5 and vice versa on the other connection on the switch. Turned switch off to break the 6 series and hooked cables to battery 7. Got error code 16

Thats exactly right. The control is sensing over voltage. You have to add one of Daves (INWO) 12 volt spoof on pin (1) of the 23 pin plug.

Make sure you know how to release the wire . You CANNOT just pull out the wire and push a new one in.

You have to remove the plug - pull the red part down to release the wires then remove and replace the #1 wire with the spoof and plug the original into the back of the spoof. Good Luck


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Ok. So added a 7th battery. Now 84v lead acid. Inwo spoof and magic magnet. Lifted car with 22 inch tires. Stock motor on 2002 e4 and still only 26mph. Somebody help. What next?

You have to reprogram controller.

Is there anywhere to rent a programmer. I had seen it mentioned a few times on the forum

I can build a T1 USB cable that adds a programming port to your T1.
$75 if you can find sentry sw.

Running 84v on stock settings seems to be really reducing my range