I have a 2005 EL does anyone know where I can get an accelerator assy cheaper than a dealer? They want over 400.00 for one. I would even take a used one that’s working!:mad:

If you could get kingdom to send his old one, I’d see if they are repairable.

" kingdom
Just installed a new accelerator today! After replacing many parts looking for reason for continually losing speed until nothing at all. I paid $439.99 or thereabout. Bought on line from a resource Beck Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Palatka, FL (386)328-8863
Problem solved…drives like a new one. "

find some that look same on ebay but dont know about function
maybe can find some electric schematic info on dorman site ?
we must find better price

Dorman 699-100

here are 2 more on ebay


Cardone 67-3003P

all have better prices but most find out if they work on Gem