A tale of 2 weeks- A stubborn motor story

A tale of how a normally 30 minute operation can spin into 2 weeks of frustration.

I jumped in to help out a guy over on FB.
Problem- While out on a cruise, car just stopped. Had to push home. Wife was not happy.

2005 e2. GE5 short motor.

I helped him go through the standard checks on the car.
No errors. Still lights up, gets clunk. Everything pointed to stuck brushes.

I was not sure what to do about the wife.

Minimum/basic tools at this summer house in FL.
I talked him into pulling off end of motor for a look.

Found one brush stuck in it’s holder, it’s opposing brush broken into bits/sitting in the bottom of the motor, and another brush with it’s wire broken off.

Thinking this thing has been only running off half a motor until brush wire gave up. (Once I mentioned this theory he said that the performance DID seem a little off lately).

Next up - Remove motor - super easy - Nope!
Armature stuck. Will not come off input shaft. Slide off the outer case to get a better look. Spray penetrant, let it soak for a day or 3, give it little wiggles every now and then. Progressed to hammer(bounce it off the rubber bumper). Theory was sound but no help. Also broke the magnet with this action.

Since the repair cost was escalating on this average motor I pointed him to Rodney to see what he had on hand for a replacement motor. Even better that he was in driving range (save on shipping and gets to meet the legend- Double bonus!!). He came home with a fresh rebuilt blue motor. Gloves can come off now.

No amount of wiggle, hammering, prying, soaking, or coupler heating was providing the slightest nudge of improvement. Damage to the armature was reflecting the frustration. A hacksaw was donned to cut off the copper windings for more room to work. (children should look away)

With a little bit more access we drilled a little hole in the middle of the coupler to shoot in some more lube. He landed on the rubber coupler perfectly. Soak/wiggle/heat - Still no progress. I had the wild idea to drill/tap/insert a grease fitting and apply grease gun/pressure to pop it off. Got to rock hard on the grease gun handle with no effect. Odd moment when heating coupler with the torch again it got so hot that the little ball in the zerk fitting shot out with a pop! (grease expanded??).

Hacksaw on the job again and several blades later it came off the hard way. Unfortunately, he missed the rubber bumper and went through the motor shaft too. Guy was an animal!

He drilled 3) 1/4 in holes spaced 120° radially around the coupler so he had something to grab with his puller. He did NOT go deep enough to hit the shaft with these holes/pins. With coupler installed and as tight as he could go the coupler still would not budge. Pins started to show protest tho. I had him take a little shave with hacksaw just to get the motor shaft bit out of the picture. This did not help.

Next- I had him go out and get a set of snap ring pliers. It turns out there is just enough room to get in there and squeeze that retaining ring out of the input shaft groove and pull the shaft out of the transmission.

The gap between the coupler and bearing was still not big enough for the claws on his puller so he took the shaft to a local cart shop and they had a press in the back that bullied it off the rest of the way. Success!!!

I think he had the shaft back in, motor on, wired back up, hood on and all back together in an hour.

Cart now doing steady 32/33 on the flats. Better than before! (Rodney set him up with a 1/2 pulse disc magnet)

I have not heard on wife status.


That’s almost a sea story.
“You ain’t gonna believe this, but…”

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Why didn’t you do the " 5 minute stuck motor removal method" works every time. Easy.

Whaaat? This is something I do not have in my bag of tricks.
Do tell…

Yep. Even had most of the tools for it there already.

OK- I was willing to let a little bit of my rookie show by not knowing this 5 minute trick, but since jrj jumped in on it now, I know there is no such thing.

I thought for sure the grease gun idea was gold. The next crazy idea I had was to hook up his pressure washer. 1800 psi might have been enough to send the armature off the table.
The hacksaw happened in between responses before I could stop it.

It’s @Old_Houseboater trick. Search it, I think he called it wedges and rotation.

What a great story. Hit really close to home. My wife and I had a good laugh reading the story. Thanks Byron.

Note through most of this Rodney was also providing hints, which were all tried. The shaft was completely married to the armature spline.

Working like a champ now. No strange vibrations, sounds or anything. And yes a pretty steady 33 mph via GPS.

Hey Ron, Welcome back (after 5 years?).

I put this up here to bounce it off those much smarter than me to see if they had any ideas that would have worked better.

Also to possibly start a “Worst Ever Stuck” thread for future readers.
Yours did NOT want to come off with normal means. If Rodney had any secrets he has forgotten about them. I am STILL looking for the mystery “wedge” method.

He tried all my methods except cutting thru top of coupling with die grinder and carbide burr. (My toughest experience) Wedge method deforms the transmission case.

Rodney, thanks for chiming in. It appeared AssyRequired had put a fellow member thru a long difficult ordeal unnecessarily. This is in violation of conduct code C2a-4623. We were in the process of convening the disciplinary council. I will inform the other members and will change his status to : Probation.

Demoted back down to T1 Customer support again.
Back to answering lug spacing and wheel offset posts.

I fully admit I was torturing him by not letting him have his way with his cart. Week one of motor removal was just telling him to keep soaking the coupler and moving it a bit. I spent too much time trying to save a little short GE motor. It progressed to restrained violence but I did not want to damage gearbox or input shaft.

Oh, wedge method.