A different battery question

While waiting for my micro upgraded Zivan charger to arrive, I’ve removed seats, dashes, etc. in order to clean out everything really well, and charge each battery individually. The seller told me that he had put brand new batteries in the car. Well, upon closer inspection, I see that they are new DieHard 24M deep cycle batteries with 565 cca. I’ve read about 27’s and 31’s, but nothing about 24’s. What are my options? Should I use these for a while, or should I just go ahead and by 31’s? Can these harm the vehicle? Thanks.

I doubt you’ll harm the GEM but I also doubt you’ll be satisfied with the batteries you have. Size 24 are pretty anemic for EV usage I’m afraid.

Depending on how old they are, maybe your local battery dealer will give you a “trade in” towards new batteries for something more than the value of the battery core?

I’ve found AGM 34 batteries … Will these work with the upgraded Zivan charger? Will it damage anything?

As long as the Zivan is programmed for the correct battery technology (AGM in your case) and sized appropriate for the batteries being used I don’t think you’ll harm anything.

The only problem might be the AMP ratings of the battery vs the charger. I don’t know what the specs for the Zivan are but if the batteries are too small, and the charger pushes out too much current in too short of a period of time, that could cause them “boil” and then “gas out” which isn’t good esp. for AGM batteries.

If the batteries are too large, the Zivan may not have sufficient amperage to charge them in a reasonable period of time. In other words it may take longer than you’d like.

Personally I’d stick with the battery size the manufacturer suggests and/or call Zivan or the battery OEM and ask them that question.