99-04 GEM steering column cracks PSA

I think it was @grantwest who first posted about the rear trailing arm suspension (rear sub-frame) cracking on the 99-04 GEMs, well, here’s another one to add to that list…

Steering column mounts. I guess someone thought it was a good idea to take a golf cart, cross it with the suspension from a pile driver and then have the steering column held up by two small pieces of 16ga steel.

I suspect this one completely snapping was caused by the already crappy steering made worse by a combination of a long time with a sized steering tie rod end meaning lots more force needed to steer and bumpy roads where the steering wheel is all you can hang on to as this thing pogo-sticks and tries to kill you.

If you have a 99-04 and the pod isn’t sitting level/square or the column feels like it’s flexing or wiggling when you steer, then pull the dash and take a look at the weld before it snaps. It’s certainly an interesting experience trying to steer at 25mph on gravel with the column largely detached from the vehicle.

Mint! All better.

Yes I feel ya on the crappy colum Mount.
Pushing your dead car from the steering wheel doesn’t help. The older cars are the worst.
And then people also use the steering wheel to pull theM selfs in and out of the car over time it gets week and eventually fails. Reason #502 that you don’t want a older car.