Gem steering column

Hi everyone. I have a 2004 gem car and I think it’s a late model with the 2005 steering column and assembly. I have seen several 2001 columns and shafts on ebay for sale, but not sure if it will fit. My question is, the 2001 column and lower shaft looks like its the same size or lenth, but different in design. I’m not sure if it was upgraded for strengh with the same measurments. If anyone has some knowledge of the columns and lower shaft compatability. It would be a huge help. Thanks

Columns are different.

Early columns are a 1 piece welded assemblie.

Thanks for your reply. Does it mean they are just different in design or the older one is different and will not fit the 2004.

Also, are the 1 piece welded columns stronger?

Early models have 2 “U” joints and do a jiggy jog to get to the steering box . They have a fixed length lower shaft. Later models telescope for alignment errors and safety in case of a collision.

Strength is not an issue. Some of the newest have tilt feature. NEAT!

I have a telescoping column if your still looking. PM me if interested.