90ah high voltage Honda battery (reduced) $2,200

3p24s 88v nominal 90ah
3p24s Honda



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It wont let me respond on the other thread says I can only post three times on the same thread. Is there an e-mail to contact you at?

Battery tray is 26x40x12" max height
So if I can turn sideways it could work.
So what do you have instock that you could build with a BMS?
Would I charge with a modified Delta or do you recommend another charger?

What do you do for your SOC? When I had the chevy volt battery it was charged independently so the vantage truck never knew what the actual remaining battery was.
I’m thinking I may have drained the chevy volt battery too much, or it was just not a good battery.
Thinking I may want to also install this?
Unless the bms , can keep track and prevent over discharge?
But you said on discharge you don’t use a BMS?

The Tesla battery has a full bms and lcd to monitor everything.
It will prevent over charge and over discharge.
DQ programming included in the price.
I’ll pm my info.