90 Volt Lithium battery-Think Help

I have the 90 volt battery in and the contractor won’t pull in.

Controller is spoofed.

Cluster lights up and seems to be working.

Battery outline around the charge indicator bars is blinking fast.

DC 72 to 12volt is not working.
New one ordered.

Brake icon/symbol is on.

Help Please I want to drive this Think!

Big shout out to Dave-inwo and Byron-assyRequired for getting me this far.

What converter is it? It may be needed for car to run.

The 72 to 12v in the front of the car.

I only have one 72 to 12 bolt converter on this car. It runs all of the accessories.

If there is another one I haven’t found it.

SOC outline will usually flash when the batteries are dead.

The brake light can also be turned on by the brake master cylinder brake fluid level switch. Located under drivers dash cup holder.

If it has a power point on the dash than it will have two dc/dc converters. One on either side of the frame rail, exactly opposite from each other. You will need to reach your hand around to feel the back one.

I did check the fluid level as well as turning the float switch upside down. I do not have the power point so I only have the one converter I will check the fluid level float switch operation with a meter this afternoon.

can someone show me where in the wiring diagram it shows the parking brake circuit? I have the parking brake switch working according to the multimeter, but the cluster is not seeing it.

Is there a true wiring diagram somewhere? I have looked through the power and ground distribution pages and either missed the fluid level and parking brake switches, which is possible scanning them on my phone. I see the brake lights on the 12v side and I would think that those switches would be on that side too?

I have the service manuals but I not found anything for any of the control wiring or pinouts on the cluster.

Any idea why the battery outline is blinking on my cluster? It’s trying to tell me something, maybe just too high of voltage. I know the battery is not dead. Lithium battery with 90 Volts and a full charge.

Page 125 in the electrical section shows the circuit. I stand corrected, it will run with the parking brake on.

There it is, darn it, I looked yesterday. It is on the 12V side so maybe when my new converter shows up That problem will be fixed as far as the symbol on the cluster.

I’m on the PC now much easier to find things. found the pinouts too.

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I have found several mistakes in the pinpoint tests, so ask if it doesn’t seem right. Most are just the yes or no answers are backwards.

I should mention that the cluster is showing 5 bars of charge with the outline blinking fast. If I am reading the above sheet correctly it will only blink fast with zero bars and slow with 1 bar.

I am still waiting on the new 12V converter to show up. Do we agree that the 12V is not needed to operate the car?

Ok, I have made progress. The contractor pulls in. Nothing happens when I push the throttle.

Is there indicator for R T and D on the cluster?

Key switch is working. Reverse position closes the contactor and turns the back up light on.

Turf closes the contactor no seat belt symbol on the cluster.

Drive closes the contactor and the seat belt symbol comes on.

I’m not sure why no movement yet but it’s progress.

I can also toggle between KPH/MPH and Trip and total miles based on the key position. I also pulled up the wrench screen but no codes.

Please chime in. I’m learning

What am I looking for? What is the best way to check those pins?

I do have the Sentry software here, would that be of any help?

Absolutely. Connect to monitor mode and it will show you what’s missing.

You need B+ to controller when contactor pulls in.
Also on p1 an p2 with key.
12v from p15 on
P3 when throttle pressed.
P4 5 or 6 one only for direction
P7 has rising voltage 0-5v with throttle.
P9 don’t know which direction 2nd pot goes.
P21 from motor switch.

I am playing with the software and I don’t have communication yet.

The weird thing is now the Think is alive. Pushed the throttle and the wheels turned.

Unplugged the communication cable and it’s dead again. Plugged in the communication cable and it was alive again.

Then I dropped the laptop and now it’s dead.

WTH? I had reverse beeper, forward and reverse. Unplug the comm cable and it’s back to not moving.

I never did get communication to the Sentry software.