22kW AC Onboard Charger


I’m trying to convince Tesla to re-introduce dual charger option at least for Model 3/Y. I’m currently gathering community support for my petition (link here) and I also lead a forum thread (link here) with additional information and explanation of my rationale.

If there is anyone who would also be interested in this feature, please support me here.


Tesla fan boy here but wondering why?
My model 3 charges at 48mph with my home charger and 1000mph at a supercharger (even tho SC does not use the onboard chargers), why would anyone need it faster than that?

I rely 100% on public infrastructure, AC charge speed is important to minimize time when I use the connector.

In my particular case, slow AC charging makes my fuel more expensive since nearest AC wallbox is just 500m from my apartment. It is located in underground garage where after 2h +fee for occupying the connector, +fee for parking.

I don’t know what is pricing policy in other countries, but our utilities are also charging a different rate depending on charge speed. Example of from PRE price list:

Ok, I kinda get it. Here in the states if you are lucky you can find a 30A public charger, 99% of them are 20amps so dual chargers do not help us much unless you have the ability to find a place to charge that offers over 48amp service. Very rare in the USA.

I know. Anything that is not “hot” in US/California, Tesla has substandard solution for it.