2018 Gem e6 Error Code

The wires from the charger go directly into the wiring harness.

K- Bear with me as I don’t have a 2018.

See that double set? Black and White changing to an Org/Pur?
Split that plug and check the car side. See if you can get your meter probes in there. (Don’t cross those pins or your meter leads).

Are you getting ~48v?

Fyi. New gems have a relay contact in series with charger and battery.

Follow wire colors to a free hanging relay near charger.

I got 0.00 inside the plug.

Relay controlled by ecm when plugged in?
Then DQ sees B+ and DC Converter Kicks in?

I’m just going to shut up on all Gen4 cars until I get hands on one.

Could it be something as simple as a fuse? Do these relays go bad? I’ve got 48+ volts at the red and black battery cables coming from the battery compartment. Weird!!

Check the relay that is bolted to the cross bar next to the charger

How is the best way to test the relay?

Bypass it. A short 10awg wire with male 1/4" qc terminals. Pull relay and plug into the sockets with heavy wires. This will connect charger direct to battery. Ignoring possible fuse.

See here…did it when I did a high voltage conversion

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Tnx, i was just looking for a pic
Don’t know if there’s a fuse? Test for battery volts as you did before.

Ok, so I was able to use my voltmeter after removing the relay. When I test those two terminals that you show bridged with a wire I have 48+ volts there. Interestingly, when I connect the charger and watch it go through it’s startup cycle, I eventually here this relay click and the charger then shows double flashing red and solid yellow. A picture of the relay is attached. Is it bad? And where do you get one of these things?

Jump it and see. Same as the click.

Jump the 2 thick wires

That worked! I jumped the two connections and the charger worked as intended. So, I’ve got a bad relay. The dealer wants $70 plus shipping which seems ridiculous. Where else can I get one of these?

Let me see if I can find the one a pulled from my car

Take it to your local auto parts store. Have them match it up based on the connections. Dont worry about that its “polaris” the wiring / pinout on the other side should be pretty standard

Check if the relay is bad on the bench

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I’ve had zero luck with the local auto parts stores. Any other suggestions before I go to Polaris? Thank you everyone for all of your help!

Show a pic of the back of that relay.