2017 gem error codes

I just bought a 2017 Gem E6 with about 1,000 miles on it. The following error codes came up…

520606: 31
520499: :4
524190: 31

It has the lithium package. Any advice? I have no idea where to turn on this and the dealers response is slow.

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Polaris has got the 2017 Gem’s locked pretty tight and can’t really see more into the codes. 520499 :4 indicates your voltage is too low or it’s shorted to low source. 524190: 31 indicates a network error exists which might be a bad connection to the controller/ VCM or the parts themselves aren’t functioning properly. Getting it connected to Polaris Digital Wrench you might be able to see into the codes further and suggest it be reflashed as well.

It’s a 2017 so it has a warranty. Get it to your closest dealer!

Thank you! I will check the connections and already have the dealer coming out. I need it working in the next couple days so thought this might be a quicker fix. Appreciate the ideas

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Did you ever determine the problem? I have a 2016 e4 showing the same codes.