2017 GEM E2 PEH fault etc

2017 48volt GEM. I’d like to just get AGM’s again. What’s the best brand/source?
Thank you!

Where are you located? How many miles are you expecting per charge?

Nh. I hear there are some lipo options?

for whatever reason way too many can’t handle more than one question per post… sometimes they’ll just respond to the first and other times they’ll just respond to the last. Maybe it’s Chasing White Rabbits syndrome.

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I am expecting 30 miles per charge. I apologize…

100% ditch the lead. The car will perform MUCH better and you can really unlock the potential of the GEM

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And @demigodofa , forget about lipo aka LFP aka LiFePo4. Their energy storage for density sucks. Stick with full on Li-Ion. You’ll be way happier.

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