2016 Power Steering install

I’m working on a Car that has had its power steering wiring messed with. I’m looking for some help returning it to stock. It came with power steering from the factory and it appears to have the factory wire harness but the Plug that connects to the power steering has been cut and re wired. (The car used to be an autonomous driving car) was looking for any info or wire diagram to help me get it working again.

The wires in the Red Circle look to come from the factory power steering wire harness.


It would make sense that the Wires in the red circle connect to the wires in the Blue Circle

With the only thing the plug in the blue circle has a Red & Black wire going into it not red and white like I would expect?

The other 4 wires
Orange, & Orange & Black
Blue & Blue & Black
Are these wires used? Is so where should they be going?

Dave do you have a 2016 Manual

@Erniea15 has one I think

I do… let me see if I can find the wiring diagram. I can scan and send.

I can also lend you the service manual if you want me to send. It was pricey and comes in handy so I’d want it back eventually… But no hurry

My 4 year old is in the hot tub so I can’t step away too long (childcare struggles until school is back in session)… I’ll scan this shortly. Hopefully, is legible and what you’re looking for

Ok thank you very much it’s very hard to read the photographed copy of the Manuel.

Any chance there is a digital version of it.

I would certainly appreciate and return the Manual no problem if you feel like sending it over👍

what’s your address? i’ll drop it in the mail tomorrow.

I think i have your email somewhere. I’ll pdf the EPS wiring diagram and email that over.

G, I have a digital manual.

Mike sorry I missed your call today we were on the water, (I’m sure u understand) could not receive your call!

I got the power steering working! Just hooked up power and ground to the 12v battery in the back and the 3 Can Buss wires in front
Green, Yellow, Red & Black and she is working

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