2016+/40mph gear swap

I thought I was start a new tread about these new gearbox’s from Rodney @Old_Houseboater

These are 10:35 (stock GEM are 17:1) classic gearbox’s and new axels that allow you use them in a 2016 or newer GEM car. These gearbox’s are MUCH quieter than stock and allow you to achieve almost 40mph from an otherwise stock GEM car. The only modification needs is to drill four new mounting holes for the factory mounting brackets. Very easy modification.

Here are some pictures and speeds ( a stock GEM car turns 6000RPM)

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The latest are pressed tube over 3 inch solid shaft stubs 7/16 plug welded (tig) 3 places each end of shaft


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You sourced the stubs or do you need to discard the wrong ends.

The stubs, with CV Joints, are cut from 98-04 GEM axle assemblies.

Very Awesome!! I really need this for my 2016 E4.