High Speed 10.35 Gem gear box $250

Cleaning out my garage and selling some Gem parts . This is the high speed 10.35 gear box . 2005 to 2012 Gems came with 12.44 gears . Great for hills but not for higher speeds . On one of the custom Gems I built . A 10.35 gear box with a stock 5HP motor, Taller tires and a lithium battery did over 40 mph . The input shaft has 27 teeth which confirms it is a 10.35 ratio . I do not know the history of this unit but the gears all look great . There is no inspection plate and the side shafts are not installed . You can use the ones out of a 12.44 gear box if you are upgrading . @Old_Houseboater sells new input shafts for these if needed . I will include the half shafts with the side shafts if you want them for Free . They are in rough shape and will need servicing .
$250 plus shipping .

10:35 is the Best all around gear raito IMO: it’s got great high speed but it’s also not so tall that you will get killed in the hills like with the 9.8:1 I wish my 2017 had a 10:35 option

10.35 is the one I put in all my builds . Can get you into the 40 mph range and you can run big wheels with it . The 9.8 doesn’t work well with large wheels and hills .

Sold mine. But I have seen them on Ebay