2015 GEM Car - Bad Motor?

Gentleman, I need your help. I might of killed my 2015 GEM motor that I have owned only owned for a little under a year now. I was taking it out the other morning and noticed a sudden drop in power then strange sounds from the motor. I turned around and drove it the 200 ft to the driveway. I could smell the faint smell of burning but it had just rained and figure would try again after everything dried out. Several days later, def something is not right on my 50 ft test drive, motor just sounds off and afraid to do more damage. I do have a magic magnet on the cart and live in some hilly terrain. So afraid this one might be self inflicted.

Is there some simple testing I can do, saw another thread when searching about OHMing out the motor. Also if I do need a new motor, know mine is stock 7.5hp but is there a company you suggest over others for a more robust motor? Trying to get it back up in next couple of weeks as already not had for a week and half now and you do not realize how much you use it.


Yep- sounds like it could use a rebuild. Comm might be dirty, or maybe stuck brushes.

What motor is it? Grey or black? If you don’t know can you post a pic?
When was the last time it was driven and worked well?

If you feel ambitious and have a little bit of talent we could try and unstick the brushes.

This may be the motor the @LithiumGods likes. Also the one with early brush issues.

Thanks guys! It is the black 7hp motor, can try to post a picture once I am back in front of my computer if needed.

Did check all the connections and all look clean. No corrosion or build up at all. Better to rebuild or do they offer a more robust option. Know R4F has them as well as D&D Motors.

Thanks again.

Better to rebuild or do they offer a more robust option

Keep and rebuild that motor for sure. It’s a favorite by most.

Do not drive it anymore. The arcing going on in there could damage your controller.
Do you feel like getting into it? What do you have for tools?

Do the AMD motors have covers over the brushes? All the pics I’ve seen shoe them exposed. If that is what you have, take a look at what is going on in there. If you can jack up the front end and run it in place, have someone slowly ramp up the throttle and watch the light show between the brushes and the comms. With no load it won’t be as bad, but You should see something. Just don’t over rev the motor.

@LithiumGods has a great high-res photo of 3 motors side by side in this thread. Nice clear view of the 8-brush advanced black.

So I jacked up the front end of the car this afternoon and had ran it while I looked through the vents on the motor. While saw a few random sparks there was nothing consistent and did not hear any of the odd sound. After I lowered the car I drove it 50ft up the street (I know but had to see if I was crazy) and noticed it again at full RPMs; so looks like it is only under load.

I am pretty handy but electric motors are unknown territory to me. If I were to rebuild that something I can do or send it off. Is there a way to make it stronger to be able to handle the increased speed and load?

it is a strong motor. one of my favorites. Just get the brushes done and you are good to go. Not east to do. I would suggest sending it to @Old_Houseboater

@Old_Houseboater PM sent

If I cannot make a rebuild work from a timeline perspective, as wanting to get back on the road as soon as possible, is there another solid alternative to buy a replacement from?

Thanks again guys!

You can buy a ride 4 fun motor. It is not as heavy duty as yours but it will work. $850.