2015 e6 Motor Arching

My motor arcs after I turn it off. I see the arc from the shroud.

Probably your temp sensor on the motor, you can bypass the sensor by making a jumper from one side of the connection to the other on the harness side. Make sure the temp sensor connector on the motor side is disconnected (sparks occur otherwise). Of course now your controller won’t know if your motor overheats in the future. Not sure how you would fix it on the motor side without peeling away the insulation and resin.

Your motor may have stuck brushes and needs to be serviced.

That’s weird, right?
Sure it’s from the motor, not the contactor?

Thanks for response. Car only has 1000 miles on it. Seems to spark from the copper coils. I can see the arc through the vents.

To see if its coming from the temp sensor try unplugging it. First turn off master disconnect switch on lower dash then unplug the sensor then turn the disconnect switch back on. Observe if its still sparking.

After switch is turned off but before the clunk?

Take the motor apart and check for stuck brushes. Also check the commutator for shorts to the shaft.

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Did you ever resolve this? I have the exact same arcing happening on my 2015 E4. I disconnected the temp sensor to give room to replace a bad speed sensor. When I connected the temp sensor it started arcing right away. Only arcs when connected.

Not yet. I talked to mechanic for GEM he stated it was normal.

Did you do the temp jumpier the other user suggested? Looks like he suggested to just connect the two sensor wires ahead of the connector to create a loop.

Let me know, I’m not comfortable driving it with it sparking the way it does!

unplug the connector and jumper the 2 wires on the harness connector . dont do anything with the motor one . Test it . If it still happens you have stuck brushes and will have to service the motor .