Motor issues gem amd motor

Car stopped and had a part discount

Anybody know how to fix this where does go and how to connect it back and if this is the reason the car stops working??? Plz ASAP need answers lol

First problem I see is your motor fell out. What is it doing on the ground? Put it back.

The wire you are holding looks like your temp sensor(or what is left of it). Depending on it’s condition it can be plugged back into the harness and just not mounted in the motor or just bypassed completely but you should monitor temps yourself.

Usually it would throw a code and put you into turtle mode if it detects an issue, not keep the cart from running.

You may be looking at several issues.

I have put back my old motor that’s why it’s on the ground mister and it’s running fine with my old motor .
Any one know how to contact this wire back

There is an internal slot in the cover assembly into which you insert the sensor. However it is extremely doubtful that you would overheat the motor before you get a controller overheat. (41 code). Just jumper the plug from the controller and dispose of the sensor.