Cart slow down about 3 mph when hit 24 25 mph sparks coming out of engine motor

Cart slow down about 3 mph when hit 24 25 mph sparks coming out of engine motor

STOP!!! Do not use until you figure out what’s wrong, your running a very good chance of frying your motor controller if you keep using it. Where is it sparking from? It sounds like it’s time to tear down the motor and do some diagnostics

Agree with Derrick. Stop running the cart until you figure out what is wrong.

Could be a very dirty commutator sparking. You’ll have to disconnect the speed sensor, pull the back of the motor housing off, release the brushes from the spring housings, then pull the brush assembly out and see what everything looks like.

Google “dirty commutator” to get an idea of what that entails.

While you have it out, check the brush housings to make sure the brushes aren’t hanging up. You can clean up any crap stuck in the corners of the housings with a small triangle file.

What exactly am I looking for and how do I know if I need a new motor and when Plus does anybody know a good place with good prices to purchase parts

When you take it apart it may be obvious what’s wrong. You should be able to see what was arcing. My guess is it’s something catastrophic or something simple like a loose wire/ short or the motor brushes are stuck and not making good contact

Is that something I can fix?

Depends on how handy you are and if it’s something that needs special tools. If it’s brushes or a dirty/worn commutator, or a wire, you should be able to take care of it, If it’s too complex for you to want to tackle, I think Rodney might repair motors.

Whats Rodney’s contact?

Rodney is @Old_Houseboater send him a pm

Is there anywhere that explains this in a step-by-step picture kind of way

I’m not sure if you’ve resolved this by now. It sounds like your brushes/commutator might be arcing due to buildup.

If you’re mechanical inclined it’s pretty easy to remove the back of the motor with the armature. Before removing mark the motor end cap to the motor with a marker to be sure it goes back the same. Clean the gaps between the commutator (I used a dental pick) then pull the brushes back, spin it somehow, and use medium then fine sandpaper to resurface it. If you’re not mechanical don’t do it. Watch your fingers, if you do it the way I did, it can be dangerous. Clean the gaps between the commutator again before putting back together.

I also removed the brushes, cleaned their channels, and slightly sanded the surface that meets the commutator using sand paper shaped like the commutator to be sure it has the best chance of seating correctly.

The whole process took about an hour.