2013 EV Grand Prix Washington DC

Hey everyone, this is a video a made for my company. Ten single-passenger electric vehicles built by high school students from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, competed at the inaugural Washington DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix at National Harbor on Saturday, June 8th.

It is a great idea getting students involved as they are all potential motorists of the future and by the looks of things there could be some EV engineers in there as well.

I think if i will say that now a days students are more focus towards there studies and there profession as well. and specially these student has made the best Ev vehicles. and providing the good plate form at the initial level will definitely helpful for the student to start their career with Ev vehicle Engineering.

now a days electronics vehicles are the need for the future so that we can prevent our fossil fuel and by organizing this type of show student can get the better ideas for the ev vehicles.

tha’ts fantastic