2010 E6, Where to customize on east coast (MD/VA/DC)? Lift/motor/controller etc

I live in Annapolis,MD. Just purchased a mint condition 2010 E6. I Would really like to customize this but it seems the only company that does this is innovation motorsports in Arizona. Would love to put a large lift kit on it, faster motor/controller among other things like paint/stereo. Are there any shops on the east coast that work on GEMs?

I am have a very hard time finding anything. Very little aftermarket parts.

I just spoke with Ride4fun.com guys and they wont sell me their high speed motor/controller, they said the E6 is too heavy. I was really relying on this to get up to 35mph. He said it wont work.

The innovation motor sports guys claim their E6 goes 35mph after motor and controller upgrade, but what other company makes motors for these?

How fast is it now? Does it hold back at 26mph?

Also take a picture of the battery compartment,
Measure the open area of the tray.
If it’s as long as the tray in my 2010 EL truck, may be able to hook you up.
Is there a HP/KW tag on the stock motor.

I’ll invite Rodney. He will know the gear ratio etc.

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The Gem goes 25mph, and cuts you out if it tries to go over 25.
Motor shows 7HP/5.2KW.

The battery Compartment looks just like the picture you referenced. 6 8volts in the rear, and 3 8volts under the middle seat.
Hook me up with what?

A couple things.
I make a device the tricks the sepeedometer into letting the car go past the limit.
As I make it, others on here can give their opinion, on if it will help you with more speed.
It plugs into the motor wires and can be just as easily removed.
About $100. Return it if it doesn’t help.

The second is a little more involved. Light weight lithium battery conversion.
It could be done by a competent mechanic. Doesn’t need to be a Gem specialist.
Old houseboater has made some bolt on lift kits that a normal mechanically inclined person could do.
Grant can tell you if it fits an E6.