2009 Gem e2 won’t go into dh

Just purchased an e2 . Previous owners messed with electrical a bit I think. 1. Car will not go into dh… have to hold down switch to go reverse… runs fine in dL… switch issue?? Or?? 2. Emergency brake on/off indicator. Two wires hanging out that when tied together seem to tell the controller that the ebrake is off… undo them and it thinks brake is on… trying to find out where in the heck they are supposed to connect … correctly. Any thoughts?

Try to find a manual - mine is a 2005 and may not help. Trying to troubleshoot without a schematic is difficult at best. The GEM designers, in their infinite wisdom, wired things up using "reverse Polish notation! It’s often - not intuitive!

Thanks. Yes I have noticed how some fairly simple things were designed… oddly. Ex… trying to change out one of the batteries in the back… you’d think an engineer would have just made the back hatch larger for access… nope. Have to pull all the ‘stuff’ out of the way in the front first… sorry… I am venting I am sure to someone in the choir. I’ll figure it out. Just frustrated that folks still make things more complex and not as straight forward as they could be.

I’m having a similar issue with an 08 e2. Car was left in my grandparents garage dead for a year. After I took ownership I Charged each batt individually, replaced speed sensor, tuned and bled brake system, cleaned pin connectors, and seems everything is back up and functioning. Except I can only use low gear max 15mph. I replaced the switch with a brand new one. No difference. High and reverse say code 09 even after replacing.


Did you ever solve the code 09 issue. I’m having the exact same problem

Hi Kit, Welcome to the group.

Start off by giving us a little more info.
What year car do you have?
How long have you had it?
When was the last time it worked?
Was this a self inflicted error?(were you working on it then…)
What have you done to try to fix it?

If you are having the same 09 code then examine your switch. Did it get wet?
There is a chance the grease in there is just getting thick. Maybe give it a hit with some contact cleaner spray, switch it back and forth a bunch of times and follow it up with a blast of air.

Otherwise the poor thing is just worn out and falling apart internally.
Depending on the year it could be the simple switch or the really complex switch.

To verify a bad switch, partially disassemble the pod assembly and remove Bl/Y (if early) or the green wire (if 05-13). This should be the REV wire.

Hopefully the error will clear.